Our First Successful Hackathon!

On June 21st, we held our first hackathon with 13 of our research participants from  Young Rewired State.  Everyone was quick to form their groups and worked hard for the entire day at King’s College London.  There were many frustrations throughout the day, however, slowly progress was made! Some of our research participants took on the role of teacher, showing other fellow participants how to code with certain programing languages.  Some of the participants began their research on privacy agreements for the first time and were shocked to find out how little they actually had.  For this reason, some of the hacks produced platforms and apps that helped to visualize and understand the number of third parties that are attached to every website and app that get downloaded on smartphones.  Other participants were fascinated by the size of the digital footprints that get left behind when they engage with big social data so they made a Twitter account that posts photos and data automatically from their phone. Finally, some of our other participants tried to improve the MobileMiner app that we have produced.

If you would like to learn more about what we have done, click here to view the projects!  Or click here to see the archive of tweets that were produced throughout the day!

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