Visit to the V&A: Digital Design Weekend September 20&21

logoOn September 20 and 21st we were very excited to participate at the V&A as part of their Digital Design Weekend. This was an exciting free event of collaborative making and activities that explored the physicality and digital value, and was meant to coincide with the London Design Festival. Throughout the day we were able to profile what we have done so far on our grant. We spoke at length about the series of interviews we have already with our YRS co-researchers, highlighting some of the important contributions they have made towards conceptualizing what privacy within our current historical moment.

We were also able to show off MobileMiner, the app that we have been developing, which is helping us learn about the kinds of data that are made available by our smartphones and apps we engage with. One of the preliminary findings that many people found interesting was that some games that are played by our YRSers appear to be generating quite a bit more data then others. We are still investigating what this means but there appears to be some indication that there are clear differences between the amount and kinds of data that apps take from users. Our next steps will be to organise, analyse and visualize the big social data we have gathered. We will do this in relation to the media diaries that our co-researchers from YRS have been keeping, allowing for a point of comparison between how they think they are using their devices and what their devices are actually gathering.

Many thanks go out to Andrew Prescott, who invited us to attend the event. It was a great experience to be among so many innovative AHRC Digital Transformations projects!

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