Masterclass: Playing with Data in the Ubiquitous Commons

Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico were the guest hosts of the day-long Masterclass on the 3 June 2015 on Playing with Data in the Ubiquitous Commons. Salvatore and Oriana’s research is wide-ranging and varied, typically focussing on the interactions between technology, design, art, and society. The morning session led with an introduction to the challenges and opportunities presented by the Ubiquitous Commons, and the questions that data analytics can help answer.
IMG_20150515_102748The afternoon session delved into Salvatore and Oriana’s open source Human Ecosystems software, with instruction on what the tools could do and how to set them up. Human Ecosystems allows collecting real-time data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Starting from either a set of topic keywords or a specific geographic area, publicly-visible data can be harvested, processed via linguistic and sentiment analysis tools, and ingested for visualisation and further offline analysis.

As with our previous Masterclass session on Mobile Data Hacking we welcomed attendees from many backgrounds with a diverse range of interests, including students and professionals from IT, advertising, art, and the public sector.


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