Who are We?

King's College London


Primary Investigator

Tobias Blanke is the director of the MA in Digital Asset and Media Management. His academic background is in philosophy and computer science, with a PhD from the Free University of Berlin on the concept of evil in German philosophy and a PhD from the University of Glasgow in Computing Science on the theoretical evaluation of XML retrieval using Situation Theory. Tobias has authored numerous papers and 3 books in a range of fields on the intersection of humanities research and computer science. His work has won several prizes at major international conferences including best paper awards. In 2012, he has been a Visiting Professor at the Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities.




Mark is a Lecturer in Digital Culture and Society, leading development there in the analysis of big social data via an AHRC-funded research project. He is a member of both the department of Digital Humanities and Culture, Media and Creative Industries. Mark pursued both his Master’s and PhD. in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. There he was steeped in media theory, critical theory and cultural studies. His dissertation, ‘The Italian Foucault’ explored the Italian post-operaismo/autonomist movement and Foucault circa 1973-78 as a means for developing new conceptual approaches to networked new media. He continued that trajectory in his sustained analysis of social media, developing ‘immaterial labour 2.0’ to conceptually frame the increasingly frictionless conflation of social and economic relations therein. This widely cited work has subsequently been revised, republished and translated into German.


Research Associate

Research Associate

Giles has a physics background, with a Master’s degree in Computational Physics from the University of Salford and a Ph.D. in Polymer Physics from the University of Reading. His thesis was entitled: “The effect of processing conditions on the morphology and electric strength of polyethylene blends”. After two more years of Materials Science research at Brunel, he switched to secondary teaching, at an international school. He joined the project after two years of web-development at a London education technology start-up. His interests include graph databases, machine learning, natural language processing and enabling the teaching and learning of programming, particularly through mobile app. development.


Research Associate

Research Associate

Jennifer’s research focuses on digital culture and youth, with a specific interest in social media, citizenship, advertising and digital pedagogies. Some of the recent work she has published theorizes digital profiles as affective archives to critically examine the impact networked platforms have on everyday lives. She is particularly interested in how children and youth experience social media, especially given the growing economic value that is placed on the content users generate online. She has worked as a Lecturer in the School of Communication and the Arts at Victoria University in Melbourne, where she lived for the passed three years. Jennifer has both her Master and Ph.D. from the English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University, in Canada. She is widely published and has worked as a consultant on cybersafety with primary school youth, running workshops in the classroom and hosting discussions with parent and teachers.